Fields of practice
Daugailė specialises in IP & Media Law, IT & Telecoms Law and Dispute Resolution

Professional experience
2013 – Associate at Triniti in Vilnius, Lithuania
2012–2013 Junior Associate at MAQS law firm
2011–2012 Associate at Vaišvila ir partneriai law firm

In the course of her four years of legal practice, Daugailė has participated in cases mostly concerning various intellectual property issues, such as:

  • Preparing documents for a court dispute regarding the unfair competition and illegal use of the trademark CHOCA initiated by the worldwide company Societe des Produits Nestle
  • Assistance with preparing the claim, appeal and other documents for the court case against the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania in the case regarding the registration of a colour as a trademark
  • Providing constant legal advice on day-to-day trademark issues to Company Group Alita, the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in Lithuania
  • Preparing procedural documents for a court case regarding the designs and trademarks to leading Lithuanian gift card distributor Gera Dovana
  • Preparing procedural documents on various issues of lottery and betting regulation in Lithuania to ORAKULAS, one of the leading betting companies in Lithuania
  • Representing HUGO BOSS, Ferrari, Husqvarna and Procter & Gamble in the destruction of counterfeited goods

Daugailė has obtained a Master in Law degree from Mykolas Romeris University. Her thesis was the first work in the Lithuanian legal literature related to standard-essential patents and was recognized as one of the best master’s theses of the year. Daugailė has also participated in the Law and Technology LL.M. programme at Tilburg University in the Netherlands

Daugailė is fluent in Lithuanian and English

In her free time, Daugailė plays cello in a chamber orchestra and participates in brain-battle games. She also likes playing tennis and snowboarding